Team Autorlando Sport at RALLY MEETING

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Autorlando in Vicenza to partecipate at a special rally event, Rally Meeting, waiting for the 2023 season to start.

An incredible event for the motorsport world’s fans, whose have had the opportunity to look at some of the most amazing and iconic cars of this sport.

At the Autorlando stand people were able to admire the Porsche 992 GT3 CUP and the beautiful 904 personally built by Orlando himself. We also brought the Porsche 997 R-GT, not in the stand though but outside, driven by Orlando with his untiring dedication and passion, ready to put on a show in the parking lot of the event, where some cars were allowed to perform crazy stuff like drifting and other spectacular maneuvers.

So, waiting for the beginning of the season, Autorlando goes back home after a really incredible event, where passionate and iconic people of motorsport world gather to celebrate this crazy and incredible world driven by such a big passion