Do you have a sports car and want to carry out some tuning up on it? Would you like to make your car unique by achieving a customized preparation? So Orlando Redolfi Preparations are right for you!


We are skilled in sports cars and tuning up of all types: from the ECU mapping, to the increase in performance of the brake calipers, dedicated discs and pads, from the sport asset setting by dumpers, and anti-roll bars for drawing up the engine with the installation of exhaust systems and sports terminals.

In our head office, near Bergamo, you can also overhaul transmissions and engines.

The mapping of the ECU, with a proper and approved change of exhaust systems, suction and injection, allows to significantly increase the performance of the car. Custom processing is performed, with the installation of mechanical superchargers united to appropriate electronics updates.

Also very interesting is the restyling carried out through the use of aerodynamic supplements, wheel rims and interior accessories (steering wheels, seats, gear lever knobs, sports pedals), which are able to customize your car, making it original and unique Orlando Redolfi, in addition to being a legend of Motorsport, is a highly experienced trainer.

These two aspects are perfectly reflected in the double structure built in Pedrengo, where Autorlando – Sport is assisted and supported by Orlando Redolfi Preparations; it is an official Porsche Service Centre, which is a point of reference in the field of processing and preparation of the engines as of the Porsche cars, as of cars of all brands.