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Press release 02/2020 08.02.2020

After the sensational 23rd class position obtained in the previous edition, Davide and Amilcare Stancheris on the blue Porsche 911 RS “Gulf “, with the last two Special Stages races on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday (completed in an exemplary way) close their third participation at the “Monte storico” with an excellent 15th place in Group III, 57th overall out of over 350 starters. A result to be framed that gives credit to the slogan of the rally, “Pas une mince affaire!” – “It is not an easy task!”, result of perseverance and obstinacy along all the 15 PS scheduled.

Then, after the concentration leg of all the participants from the various points scattered throughout Europe, for “our” starts from Milan, the real rally begin immediately uphill with small problems of youth to the car; remember that from this year the organizers have imposed on the members the use of almost road cars.

The rally, despite the history of “Monte” with the snow, takes place completely dry, an optimal condition for those who do regularity on the track who bring the car to the limit of the average imposed sector by sector. Davide tries but it’s not the ideal situation for his driving style, more instinctive and racing, style that would have been rewarded by more typical weather conditions of this season, especially on the mountain passes to be climbed with snow and ice. Anyway, the conditions are the same for everyone … this until the start of the last stage where the crew is 28th in Group, 113th overall.

But it is precisely in the last stage with the last two stages, very guided and more suited to his driving style, that Davide brings out the best in himself and the car, climbing positions on positions up to the 15th in Group. An excellent result that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth as it matured but the constant improvement from the first participation to today remains, which bodes well for the future.

Once this new experience has been archived, we now look at the future appointments that will bring the Autorlando-sport team back to the biggest stages of European Motorsport.

Stay tuned !!!